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Here you can download the laboratory versions and commercial presentations of our software products. This software versions are limited in the number of execution cycles when you use it in automatic systems.

The registration of the laboratory versions can be done sending an email with the code and the product name to our support email address. You can click in the following link.

Registration of Laboratory Versions

Some Embedded Systems are available only in spanish. We are translating our software products to english. We inform you that the first editions of the english manuals and helps have a low quality translations based on a automatic translations.

If you use Windows Vista you must to download and install the WINHELP from the Microsoft web site to access to the softwares embedded help. The help of our programs are in WINHELP format and in PDF format.

Software Downloads


aedracVision. Computer vision software

Download commercial presentation (SPANISH)
Download version 7.10.06 (04/10/2007) (SPANISH)

aedracSignal. Signal analysis software

Download commercial presentation
Download version 8.01.02 (23/01/2008) (ENGLISH and SPANISH)

aedracFrequency. Frequency analysis software

Download version 8.01.02 (23/01/2008) (SPANISH)

aedracBlacky. Digital Signal Processing (DSP)

Download version 8.01.04 (22/01/2008) (ENGLISH and SPANISH)

aedracControl. Monitorization, digital control (PID) and test funcional

Download version 7.10.02 (03/10/2007) (SPANISH)

aedracCapture. Process control, traceability and MES

Download version 7.10.02 (04/10/2007) (SPANISH)

aedracCodeLector. Barcode and Datamatrix reader

Download version 7.10.02 (05/10/2007) (SPANISH)

aedracMarker. Laser and mechanics markers control

Download version 7.10.02 (05/10/2007) (SPANISH)
Embedded Systems

Quality Control with Machine Vision Systems

Quality Control with Digital Signal Processing

Quality Control with Digital Signal Processing

Digital Signal Processing and Signals Plot

 Test Sequencies and Funtional Test Systems

SCADA Software and Real Time Controller

Machines Efficience and Traceability Control 

Barcode and Datamatrix Readers Controller

Mechanical and Laser Markers Controller