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Software Development

Electronic Design

Machine Vision Systems

Digital Signal Processing

Real Time Control

Functional Test Systems

Quality Control

Traceability Systems

MES Systems

Electronics Design

AEDRAC offers its clients Electronic Designs services for developing special electronics devices for non standard applications.

We have long experience in developing data acquisition devices, signal filtering and conditioning devices, control systems, communications and interface boards, digital signal processing systems (DSP), robotics systems, and artificial intelligence systems.

Electronics Design Projects
  • Digital signal processing(DSP) and LVDT signal conditioning board to rotary engines balance machines.
  • Computer board for data acquisition and realtime control through serial and parallel port.
  • Several conditioner and filter boards with sensor interfaces.
  • Several relay and optocoupler interface boards for test machines.
  • Load cells high precision conditioner board.
  • PID servosystems to control high pressure valves.
  • Telecontrol systems for remoting data acquisition.
Embedded Systems

Quality Control with Machine Vision Systems

Quality Control with Digital Signal Processing

Quality Control with Digital Signal Processing

Digital Signal Processing and Signals Plot

 Test Sequencies and Funtional Test Systems

SCADA Software and Real Time Controller

Machines Efficience and Traceability Control 

Barcode and Datamatrix Readers Controller

Mechanical and Laser Markers Controller