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AEDRAC is a spanish company focused in research and development of electronic systems, control software, robotics, artificial intelligence and training equipment. We develop control systems for industrial applications and house devices.

We are experts in electronic, software development, artificial intelligence, robotics, realtime control, machine vision, quality control, digital signal processing (DSP), data acquisition, manufacturing execution systems (MES), traceability, and efficiency management (OEE),

Our custumers are engineering, automation companies, machinery manufacturers and house devices manufacturers, who need to add artificial intelligence to their devices using electronic and control systems software.

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Embedded Systems

Quality Control with Machine Vision Systems

Quality Control with Digital Signal Processing

Quality Control with Digital Signal Processing

Digital Signal Processing and Signals Plot

 Test Sequencies and Funtional Test Systems

SCADA Software and Real Time Controller

Machines Efficience and Traceability Control 

Barcode and Datamatrix Readers Controller

Mechanical and Laser Markers Controller