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Traceability and Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES)

AEDRAC offers its clients products and services for developing traceability and manufacturing execution systems (MES).

Software for Traceability and MES Systems (Download)

aedracCapture is a software to control automatic and manual production fases and machines. It implements time control, component and process traceability, machines downtime control, operators control, poka yokes control, batch control and communications and fase control. It can replace paper documentation,  interactuate with operators, controls detectors and sensors, and controls barcode and datamatrix readers. I can be configured and monitorized in remote mode.


aedracCodeLector is a software to control barcode and datamatrix readers. It can be comumunicate with serial, keyboard and ethernet devices. The communications frame can be configurated for different formats, and the program can store and send data readed to other programs.


aedracMarker is a software to control mechanics and laser code markers. It can communicate with external systems and works with multiple programs. It can mark autoincremental numbers or receive the data to mark from external devices or files.


Traceability and MES systems

There are several configurations of laboratory and manufacturing systems with our traceability and MES software.

Laboratory system

Low cost standard control system

Industrial embedded control system

High performance control system

Traceability and MES projects
  • Several SCADA systems to production monitorization and data storage.
  • Several data collectors for test machines.
  • Several production data collectors.
  • Several traceability data analysis software.
  • Several machine downtime analysis software.
  • Software to edit and trace functional tests.
  • Software to manage manufacturing resources across internet.
  • Several drivers and OPC servers to collect machines data.
  • Software to monitorize, control and communications of  laser markers.
  • Several drivers for communicating barcode and datamatrix readers with other systems.
  • Several communications drivers for monitorizing and control meters, instrumentation and PID controllers.
  • Several drivers to read and write industrial data transponders.
  • Several drivers for communicating data markers with other programs.
  • Software to monitorize and control automatic screwdrivers.
  • Software to monitorize and control machine vision systems in realtime.
Embedded Systems

Quality Control with Machine Vision Systems

Quality Control with Digital Signal Processing

Quality Control with Digital Signal Processing

Digital Signal Processing and Signals Plot

 Test Sequencies and Funtional Test Systems

SCADA Software and Real Time Controller

Machines Efficience and Traceability Control 

Barcode and Datamatrix Readers Controller

Mechanical and Laser Markers Controller