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Machine and Computer Vision

AEDRAC offers its clients solutions in computer vision for develop realtime quality control systems.

Our products have been developed to be high performance and low cost systems, with a very easy configuration, maintenance and auditory.

Computer Vision Software (Download)

aedracVision is a computer vision software for quality control. It is scalable from very low cost applications to high performance applications with moviment, color, and multicamera analysis. It is flexible, visual, and incorporates traceability.


Machine Vision Sytems

There are several configurations for laboratory an manufacturing systems with our computer vision software.

Laboratory system
Low cost standard control system
Low Cost Industrial embedded control system
Industrial embedded control system
Multicamera Industrial embedded control system
High performance control system

Machine vision projects
  • Shape and size control of screws.
  • Leak control through tracer fluid.
  • thermografic analysis of electronic circuit board.
  • Control of the presence of components in automotive systems.
  • Dimensional components control in automotive systems.
  • Packaging control of components in automotive companies.
  • Help system to the operator in packaging of simetric parts.
  • Level control, packaging control and plug control in pharmaceutical companies.
  • Tablet color control  in pharmaceutical companies.
  • Dimensional control of protesys.
  • Dimensional control of wood plugs in wine bottles.
  • Grates and clean control in cosmetic packges.
  • Robot guide in pick and place applications.
  • Endurance laboratory proves of dresses..
Embedded Systems

Quality Control with Machine Vision Systems

Quality Control with Digital Signal Processing

Quality Control with Digital Signal Processing

Digital Signal Processing and Signals Plot

 Test Sequencies and Funtional Test Systems

SCADA Software and Real Time Controller

Machines Efficience and Traceability Control 

Barcode and Datamatrix Readers Controller

Mechanical and Laser Markers Controller